100 years of the sinking of the Titanic


The most famous passenger liner of the world was the RMS Titanic. The owner of this ship was the British White Star Line. She was the largest ship afloat at the time of her commission at the 2nd April 1912. The people thought that she can never sink because of the new bulkhead construction. At the 14th April 1912 at 11:40 pm the Titanic hit an iceberg on her maiden voyage about 300 miles south of Newfoundland and sank in the North Atlantic 2 hours and 40 minutes after the collision. The sinking of the Titanic caused the deaths of about 1500 people. These people died in the ice cold water though under cooling and missing life boats.

In consequence of this catastrophe measures were established for more safety on sea. Such measures were: enough lifeboats, to staff the radio stations around the clock, international Codes like SOS, one ice patrol, and the ending of an international agreement about the safeguard human life on the sea.


If you check the Titanic against today’s cruise liners she seems small, although she was the largest ship at her time. The Titanic was 270m long, 28m wide, 53m high and her draught was 10,5m. She has a maximal power of 60,000 PS (46,000HP), and needs 640 tons per day, which were burned in 29 tanks. Her sailing speed was 40-45 km/h,

The Titanic carried over 2400 passengers, which were divided into 3 classes. The first class had the full luxury, the second class had more luxury than in the first class of other ships, and the third class, which was especially for emigrants, had coaches for two, for or six persons and partly bathtubs.


especially for emigrants, had coaches for two, for or six persons and partly bathtubs. The former laws said that the number of life boats is depend on the gross register tons and not on the number of passengers. 20 life boats were insufficient. 711 people survived that accident. Milvina Dean who was the last survivor died in June 2009 with an age of 97 years. 
The Titanic lies in a depth of 3,800m. Since the sinking of the titanic for each passenger have to exist a seat in a life boat. This measure rescue many lives since then.

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Description de Titanic Thimble

Description of Titanic Thimble
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