the history of the Museum


Was opened at 8th August 1982 by Thorvald and Brigitte Greif. The foundation for this private museum which is unique in its way, was the inheritance of the Gabler brothers in Schorndorf, which was taken over by Helmut Greif.
Unfortunately a fire destroyed the whole factory, so Helmut Greif intensively dealt with research about the origin of thimbles. This knowledge was the basis for this Museum, which also wants to pay honour to thimble manufacturers, who tried hard and with a lot of sense for forms and subtle inventions to beware women’s hands from pinpricks in the past.

Today thimble manufacturing is continued by the Greifs in their goldsmith’s shop, where they produce small ranges of collectors thimbles and special design of unique.

 Production of Helmut Greif
Production of Helmut Greif.

 Thimbles of Meissen porcelain
Thimbles of Meissen porcelain.

 crocheted Thimbles
crocheted Thimbles.

 France (ca.1790): thimble with perfume bottle and tape measure
France (ca.1790): thimble with perfume bottle and tape measure.