Martin Luther - 500 jears of the Reformation


Martin Luther's CV (1483 - 1546) 

  • 1483 (10.11.) Birth in Eisleben (father Bergmann, mine owner) 
  • From 1490 school visit in Mansfeld, Magdeburg and Eisenach 
  • 1501-1505 Study of law in Erfurt 
  • 1505 Monk in Erfurt 
  • 1507 Consecration to the priest 
  • 1510-1511 Travel to Rome 
  • 1512 Doctor of Theology in Wittenberg 
  • 1517 Thesis 
  • 1521 Ostracism and flight to the Wartburg 
  • 1522 Return to Wittenberg 
  • 1525 Marriage with Katharina von Bora 
  • 1534 Publication of the Bible in German translation 
  • 1546 (18.2.) Death in Eisleben



For this occasion, we have created a special hat. 

Five historical data from the life of the reformer "Martin Luther" and the consequences of his activity are symbolically represented on a thimble. 

The gothic arches of the individual paintings are modeled on the Luther monument in Wittenberg. 

The head of the thimble is decorated with a Lutherrose.

1. picture
1. picture
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2. picture

1st picture 

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther proposed his 95 theses on the indulgences at the Schlosskirche at Wittenberg.

2. picture 

ureLuther was to revoke his theses on April 17, 1521, at the Imperial Assembly in Worms, before Emperor Charles V. Martin Luther could not and did not want that and spoke with his hand on his heart: "Here I stand, I can not help but God help me! Amen"

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3. picture
4. oicture
4. oicture

3. Picture 

Luther was exiled to Worms in the Reichsacht, but his supporter, Frederick of Saxony, had him safely taken to Wartburg. There, Luther translated the Bible into today's Scripture (1521/1522) 

4. Picture 

In a mighty battle near Schmalkalden the Protestants suffered a defeat (1546) by Emperor Charles V,

 5. picture
5. picture.

5. Picture 

After spreading the Bible, printed in German, strengthened the religious freedom against the Catholic Church. On September 25, 1555, under King Ferdinand, the Augsburg religious peace ensued, which sealed the schism in Germany.

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